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Leather Suite Cleaning Uppingham

Treat yourself to Clean, Bright and Fresh Smelling Leather Sofas with our Amazing Sofa Cleaning Service.

If you need Leather Suite Cleaning Uppingham, then you need to call Revive Leather.

When you choose us, you will not only enjoy the feeling of sitting in your Fresh, Clean, Vibrant looking sofa, but you'll have the peace of mind that your sofa is hygienically clean.

Every day your furniture is facing, moisture, food, dust as well as wear and tear, all of which will damage the surface. With regular professionally cleaning and protecting, your sofas will continue lending a touch of class to your home year after year. You will notice a reduction in wear and tear and an increased life span especially when our protector is applied after the clean.ere

Sometimnes you will need more than just a clean. This is where our restoration process comes in. From dry and cracked leather to small rips and holes to complete colour changes, we can repair them all.

Call us today for all your Leather Suite Cleaning Uppingham.

Date Added: 18/12/2016

Looking after your leather sofa

You may be thinking its time to get some Leather Sofa Cleaning Oakham. Your leather sofa is an expensive investment which needs looking after if you want it to last.

Think about it like a maintenance plan that you would have on your car to ensure it keeps running smoothly. You would get the oil changed to protect the engine for starters. 

Well with your leather sofa it is much the same. No we dont mean change the oil, we mean need to clean and protect it on a regular basis. A leather sofa will last on average 3 times longer as long as you use professional grade cleaners and protectors.

It is recommended that you clean your leather sofa, oakham twice a year. You should be cleaning the parts that are used the most such as the headrest and the arms and maybe your favourite seat. You will probably know that leather is very absorbant and will soak up the dirt and our body oils very easily. You might not see it at first, but it is building up and will eventually show itself on the surface. Keeping these areas clean on a regular basis will stop this developing into a problem that will need a more expensive restoration.

A lot of our customers ask us what should i clean the sofa with. We recommended a couple of cleaners that we use and you can purchase them from us. these cleaners are formulated to be used only on leather and will clean gently without drying the leather out. Its best to stay clear of the shop type products and home made potions that can damage the leather surface.

So how should you clean? Firstly apply some of the cleaner to a lint free cloth or soft sponge. Its best to use a circular motion when cleaning, just make sure you get in all the nooks and crannys. Use a dry lint free cloth to dry it off again with a circular motion.

We would always apply a protector after we have cleaned and this is also something you should do. We can supply you with an easy to apply protector that will give you peace of mind that any future spills will clean off easily.

If you need some leather sofa cleaning oakham then give us a call today.


Date Added: 26/08/2016

Market Harborough Leather Suite Cleaner

If your looking for a Market Harborough Leather Suite Cleaner then look no further than Revive Leather. We are your friendly local expert when it comes to removing dirt and grime on your leather sofas. Even though leather is seen as a more robust material, you should not take any chances.

Your leather will be affected by heat from fires and radiators and also direct sunlight can all cause your leather sofas to quickly fade.

We have a couple of tips for you to help maintain your leather furnishings.

  1. Be sure to get your hoover on them to remove dust and light surface soiling (use the correct attachment)
  2. Dont use household products on your leather as they will damage the surface
  3. Remove dust and light dirt with a damp cloth
  4. Plump up your cushions and rotate so you get even wear
  5. Dab liquid spills quickly with a soft clean cloth or kitchen roll.

Never use things like baby wipes, furniture polishm wd40, they will all damage the surface of the leather leading to expensive restoration services.

It really pays to have a company like ours in once a year to give your leather sofas the professional treatment that they deserve. After we have visited we can leave you with instructions on how to maintain your sofas in between visits from us. We will advise what solutions to use to ensure your leather looks its best.

If you leather suite needs more than just a clean, maybe some restoration then do not worry, we can advise you on the best way to get your leather looking fantastic again.

So if you need a Market Harborough Leather Sofa Cleaner then get in touch today, we would love to hear from you.


Just look what can be achieved.

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