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Choosing the right Leather Sofa Technician

So you’ve decided to get a leather sofa cleaner Oakham in to get your sofas some tlc .

Maybe you have a professional clean conducted every year or you feel that now is the time to get a deep clean and conditpion.

Naturally you want a good quality service and at a reasonable cost.  Look in any local advertising and there will be choice of upholstery cleaners and an internet search will reveal even more, but not all will specialise in leather.

So, how do you decide which one to trust in your home,  with your expensive furnishings and potentially your health at stake

We would strongly recommend getting a survey conducted by the cleaner so that you can make your mind up once you have had the opportunity to ask questions and meet them in person.

Questions you might want to ask could be along the lines:

Training  This is most important, check if they have any qualifications and when did they last do a training course?  A professional will keep on top of their trade and will be happy describe the training they have undertaken.  A good tradesperson will invest in themself and their business on a continual basis. Techniques and products improve so it is essential that the leather technician keeps up to date with his knowledge.

Equipment.  Ask what sort of equipment the cleaner uses and what cleaning products they use. Is it clean and well maintained?  Does it have a current PAT test if applicable?  Indications that the equipment is cared for by somebody who has pride in their work.

Testimonials.   Does the website have a testimonial page?  Have a look for reviews written by customers in your local area.  People will not let you publish their name and comments unless they are genuinely pleased.

Written quote.  Be sure that a written quote is provided.  This is for the benefit of both parties. It should detail all work to be undertaken, any items not to be cleaned and crucially the price of a complete service.  Even if you have booked a cleaner over the phone based on an estimate get a written quote before work commences.  If somebody will not give a fixed price before they start work alarm bells should ring, you dont want to be hit with a bigger bill at the end.

Insurance.  A Leather cleaning oakham technician needs insurance.  Even if they have never claimed, it is essential.  Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate and ensure it covers treatment risk.

Presentable.  Does the leather cleaner oakham bother to clean their own van?  Do they look like they take pride in themself and their business.  Do you want them in your home if they look, or smell, like they have slept in their clothes for a week? We would guess the answer to that would be no, so dont stand for it.

Satisfaction guarantee.   Are you confident that any problems will be corrected promptly and for free?  Even the most diligent leather technician can have a mark re-appear or other mishap.  Give them a chance to rectify it – a technician that cares about their customers will be keen to return.

Don’t be pressured into making a decision on the spot.  Allow yourself time to compare quotes or reflect on the service being offered.  As with any service you buy into, cheapest doesn’t equate to best value.

If you need any help or advice feel free to give us a call.

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