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Keeping your Leather Sofa looking great in Oakham

Who doesn’t love the luxury look and feel of leather in their home. For many years, leather furniture has been a great choice – from high end leather sofas to antique sofas and chairs, these coveted furnishings are often the centrepiece of a room. However, anyone who’s owned leather furniture knows that these pieces require extra-special care to maintain their natural beauty. Ordinary household cleansers and furniture polish merely remove dust, but can actually damage the surface of the leather, since the products found in these treatments tend to dry out the leather. Cracks, tears and soiling from everyday usage cannot be refurbished with shop bought products.

As a family owned and operated business, Revive Leather offers a full range of affordable cleaning solutions for your home or place of business. 

When you’re looking to restore your leather furniture, Revive Leather has created a special method of leather care to clean, restore and preserve the appearance and lifetime of your favorite furnishings. We use only 100% professional grade products so that you can rest assured that even the most delicate leather furnishings are effectively yet gently cleansed. Our team of skilled leather cleaners use traditional  techniques along with the latest technology to revive your leather to its original glory so that you may continue to enjoy your furniture for generations to come.

At Revive Leather, we have streamlined the leather cleaning process – we use only the finest natural treatments to clean, condition, revitalize and protect your furniture so it looks – and stays looking – like new for many years. 

  • Step 1: Spots and debris are removed from the leather’s surface
  • Step 2: The leather is moisturized and conditioned with our exclusive blend of 100%  leather cleansers, refurbishing the leather to its former luster
  • Step 3: Our skilled leather technicians apply a special stain guard to your furniture, safeguarding it from normal wear and tear

Our team recognizes that your time is precious – that’s why we have leather-cleaning methods to sanitize, protect and preserve your costly leather furnishings. Leather furniture is intended for years of usage, and our cleaning treatments have been developed to maximize the durability of your furniture and minimize maintenance in between leather cleaning appointments.

Why not give us a call today to arrange for a quotation or just some free advice for looking after your leather sofa in Oakham.

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How to care for your leather sofa

You may have you been wondering how you can maintain your leather sofas and chairs.

 After all, it is a big investment, and you will want it to last a long time. Below are some tips to help you maintain your leather sofa.


Maintenance that you should be doing

  • You need to keep your leather sofa away from sunlight, if not, it will lose its color. It will also get dry and start cracking.
  • It is not only sunlight that makes your leather sofa lose its moisture. Other sources of heat such as your fire place and radiators will dry your leather sofa. You will want to keep your leather at least 10 inches away from any of these sources of heat. This will help you preserve the moisture content of your couch and its surface properties.
  • Some cosmetics and hair chemicals affect the top layer of your sofa. The same goes for the oil secreted by the neck and the arms. That is why you see the arms of leather sofas look lighter than other parts.
  • Remember your leather sofa is not resistant to a pet’s claw and will scratch. Your pets’ saliva is acidic and can also get your sofa damaged. While you may not stop your pet from sitting on the sofa, you might want to get a protective covering for them to sit on.
  • Do not let stains set. The best practice is to remove stains as soon as they are made. Letting them set poses more difficulties in their removal. So when you have any spill whatsoever, what you should do is dab it off immediately. Do not wipe for any reason; wiping spreads the spill and if it is a penetrating spill, the area affected just gets larger.
  • Whatever you do, take conscious effort to protect the top layer, also referred to as top color, of your couch. This top color is particularly vulnerable to soil and wear, and when destroyed, your couch deteriorates very fast and you will begin to notice cracks.
  • Clean and condition regularly.



When cleaning your leather sofa, the rule is little-is-much. You need to be extremely gentle with it; no wet clothes, no harsh cleaning solutions, no ammonia based solutions and definitely no harsh chemicals such as bleach. While you don’t want to spoil your sofa with excessive cleaning, it will benefit from a quarterly cleaning. That means you get to clean it every 3 months or at least twice in a year. However, a weekly dusting with a soft cloth or feather duster is appropriate. You need to regularly turn and fluff the cushion too and condition after cleaning.



Conditioning leather makes it shine at its best. Your leather sofa will benefit so much from conditioning. Of course you don’t want it looking dry and rough; you want it conditioned. So, to condition you sofa you can do the following:

  • Use a conditioner recommend by your leather restoration technician.
  • Apply the conditioning solution to your sofa with a soft cloth in broad and circular motions.
  • Leave for a short time and buff with a clean cloth to restore the shine of your couch.
  • Aniline type leathers will need a different approach (contact your leather restoration technician)


Removing Stains

The methods to remove stains depend on the type of stain. You will benefit from advice from your leather restoration technician and you may need the service of a professional to remove some very stubborn stains, in order not to get your sofa damaged.

If you need leather sofa cleaning in Market Harborough then call us today.

Keep it clean and you will love it for a very long time.

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Leather Sofa Cleaning & Restoration Oakham

Leather suites and chairs will naturally change with age and small wrinkles, stretch marks and veining will appear. This is because no two hides are the same and it can possibly be up to three hides to make one sofa, so they aren't faults. However, your leather will still need proper professional maintenance to retain its natural beauty. With the right amount of care and attention, leather upholstery will stay durable and stylish for years to come. Here are some tips that can help your leather suites and chairs have a long and healthy life.

Clean them Regularly

This might seem one of the most obvious tasks in keeping your leather suites in good condition, but many people forget this important job. Weekly care of the leather is important to keep a healthy looking leather. Careful vacuuming with a soft brush will keep it free of any dust and an occasional wipe with a slight damp clean cloth will also help (depending on the type of leather you have of course).

Don’t give stains a chance to set

Fabric sofas are more likely to stain than leather sofas, but it is important to still act quickly on any spillage that could damage the leather upholstery.  Spills can normally be removed before they stain the leather with a dry cloth to blot the area, without the need for additional cleaning products. Some stains, such as grease or oil, may need professional attention, rather than trying to remove them by rubbing the leather, as this could cause further damage. Again it depends on the type of leather you have, especially Aniline type leather, these will stain and show water marks very easily unless a proper maintenance program is in place.

Don’t use strong cleaning products, especially cheap shop bought products

Many people make the mistake of using too much water and soap to clean their leather furniture. This can actually damage the surface and speed up the cracking process. Never use solvent based products. Only use a leather conditioner that is recommended by your professional leather technician.

Avoid excessive sunlight and intense heat. Leather can and will be damaged by exposure to sunlight and high temperatures. Be careful where you place them,  don’t put your sofa near a window or a radiator as this could cause excessive discolouration and cracking as it  will dry out.  

If you have a problem with your leather sofa then call the leather sofa cleaning oakham team today for a free quotation and advice. 

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Call us today and get booked in, dont just clean it, get it Revived...

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